Global Baby Food&Nutrition Summit China 2017


倍益宝 (Betapol) 是由IOI洛德斯克罗科兰为婴儿配方奶粉研发并首创的类母乳OPO结构油脂品牌。倍益宝产品源于荷兰,已成功推广至中国及其他各国,以满足全球客户的需求。我们在婴儿营养领域拥有30多年的经验,我们知道市场对食品安全的敏感程度。许多科学研究证实了倍益宝的益处。由于我们直接从母公司采购高品质的油脂,从农作物到终端产品,我们在整个供应链中具有无与伦比的控制力。

Betapol®is the OPO structure fat brand developed by IOI LodersCroklaan as the very first fat blend to mimic human milk fat for infant formula. Since we invented the scientific process in the Netherlands, Betapol has been successfully duplicated in China and other locations to cater to customers worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in infant nutrition, we know how sensitive the market is to food safety. Numerous scientific studies have substantiated the benefits of Betapol. Since we are directly supplied by our parent company’s high quality oil, we have unmatched control throughout our supply chain from crop to end product.

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